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lowest in the area

Local water fees pay for important services that everyone needs including delivery of fresh water, removal of wastewater and stormwater management. In St. Cloud, we deliver quality softened water at a low cost to residents. Moreover, St. Cloud’s water fees come in below neighboring cities. Did you know our community gets its drinking water right from the Mississippi River – after a rigorous treatment process, of course. While true Midwesterners aren’t ones to brag, St. Cloud’s water is award-winningly good, in fact – it is the best tasting water in the state according to the American Water Works Association. 




and property taxes

Property taxes are collected by local governments and are based on the value of a property. The amount you pay in property taxes is based on two things: your property’s assessed value and the local tax rate. Your home’s assessed value is determined by City Assessors based on State guidelines. Annual property assessments estimate market value by analyzing sales of comparable properties.

Home values change from year to year based on the housing market and physical changes made to your property. Your specific tax rate depends on the your property classification as well as your county, school district, and other non-city special districts.




below state average

Depending on where you live, property taxes can either be a reasonable expense or a major financial burden. In Minnesota, our property taxes are known to be close to the national average. In St. Cloud, our property taxes per capita are well below the average for similar sized Minnesota cities and has consistently been for more than 10 years. Going into 2020, it’s important to note that St. Cloud’s overall property tax rate has remained consistently flat for more than a decade – meaning that the average residential home will not see an increase in their property tax bill unless their property value increases due to improvements or market conditions. 


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