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St. Cloud is second to none when it comes to innovative civic engagement. Communication with residents is essential to guiding decisions and staying current on their implementation. A shared vision is invaluable to timely and cost-effective action.

Surveys are consistently used to gauge resident satisfaction with public services and establish new short-term priorities. The past three city-wide surveys were completed 2012, 2017, and 2019 in collaboration with St. Cloud State University’s Survey Center. City staff and volunteers hand delivered questionnaires to every household seeking input on quality of life, city governance, and public services.

During the 2019 survey, the community identified public safety, roads and traffic as their top three issues for attention. The 2020 budget does just that by focusing resources and spending on Public Safety (police, fire, and emergency services) and Public Works (infrastructure, roads) reflecting the priorities of our citizens.

Comparing 2019 survey results to past surveys, the City found several consistencies:

  • The top response in all three surveys as to why residents choose to live in St. Cloud is that [It Has All I Need].
  • Year after year residents overwhelmingly state that they like their neighborhoods. What’s more is that in all three years the top response as to what is the best thing about their neighborhood is [Quiet].
  • Most St. Cloud residents consistently feel as though the value for city services is [Positive] across all service categories. 

The City of St. Cloud offers many ways to share your opinions from large open houses to individual discussions to social media and other indirect messaging. The City’s organizational culture is guided by the principle of community service based on open communication.

To review the full results of the 2012, 2017, and 2019 community surveys, visit Community-Survey




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